Franchise and/or license opportunities

We feel very strongly that the look and feel of Red Birch Country Markets would have overwhelming acceptance anywhere in the Southern U.S. Many market segments can find alluring characteristics within this model... Moms, truck drivers and travelers all seek the aspirant qualities in our model. Also, the name Red Birch Country Markets has some what a double meaning in the name "country". We serve the rural communities in the country; we also reach the patriotic folks by using flags and a red, white and blue theme.

Our model is the first closed loop system of its kind in the country. We are contracting for growth of the Canola feedstock, producing the product immediately beside the retail outlet (no transportation), and selling the product to the retail market, all under one ownership structure. We feel this model will change the way biodiesel is sold and marketed. Vertical integration almost always makes its way into every market. In order for renewable fuels to be competitive, the same pattern of consolidation is unavoidable.

The biodiesel business as it looks today consists of 5 levels.

  1. The Farmer
  2. The oil manufacturer-crushing
  3. The biodiesel manufacturer
  4. The transporter or blender
  5. The Retailer

Our plan takes these 5 levels and converts them into one unified, vertical entity.

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