Benefits of Biodiesel
Biodiesel offers us the option to go green & help our environment, support our farmers and our local economy all while gaining engine life and saving money at the pump! What are we waiting for!

Grow it here, make it here, keep it here!

  • Lubricity, just a 2% blend of biodiesel replaces the lubricating qualities of the sulfur that has been removed in the ultra low sulfur diesel sold at the pumps today. Just think what a 20% blend of biodiesel will do for your engine life.
  • Emissions, #2 diesel burns 20% cleaner with a B20 blend. B99 burns 70% cleaner.
  • Environment, less toxic than table salt and biodegrades as fast as sugar.
  • Cost, our goal is to offer biodiesel to you at a cost savings over #2 diesel at our pumps. Our commitment is to continue to research opportunities to create cost savings in the production of biodiesel to support our goal.
  • Farmers, we support the farming community by contracting with farmers to grow Canola which we use in the production of our biodiesel. We contract for as much as 10,000 acres of Canola per year per Red Birch BioTruck stop location.
  • Local economy, as much as $.90 of every dollar used to purchase biodiesel stays in the local economy rather than going out of the country, NO WAR REQUIRED!

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